End of first month

Jun 30, 2008


It is nearly to time for us to go walking on leashes, but first we must spend more time exploring at home and teaching people how to give us treats.


For example, here is big brother James showing us how to sit down (which we already know how to do). He trains us with carrots.


Sometimes we entertain ourselves when Mama and Papa Bear go into the house.

DSCF1998_puppy porch

Hey Serena, want to play outside?


Serena thinks about digging a hole. Great adventures lie beneath the surface.


Yeah Serena, digging in the dirt is fun!


What’s under this rock?

DSCF2252_on top

Look Serena, a worm!


Here are cousins Natalie and Kaly. See how nicely they are behaving for us?
People should know their places in a well-ordered dog world.


Yup, at the end of a tiring day you should rest.
If a job needs doing, then do it. Do what you gotta do!

Blue shovel envy

Jun 27, 2008



Hello. I would like to show you around our special puppy pen, but we are busy right now.


We have some serious tussling to do.

DSCF1945_make up

Now we’re tuckered and we relax for a little while. I’ll show you the puppy pen soon.

DSCF1949_blue shovel

We have lots of toys, but right now the blue shovel is THE special toy.
Serena has it and I want it.

DSCF1952_blue shovel

Now I have the special blue shovel…

DSCF1954_blue shovel

… and I won’t give it back!


Good puppies get a treat! I’ll show you the puppy pen later.

Serena comes home

Jun 23, 2008


Three weeks have passed and we’ve already grown so much!


Now we bring Serena home in the car.

DSCF1780_meet Karl

This is Karl. He’s the younger of your big brothers.


James welcomes Serena home.


Oh no. Serena gets all the attention. I don’t like thunderstorms. Woe is me!

DSCF1830_Serena paws

A portrait of the young lady with the big paws.


Now this is fun! I get to be a dog again. Serena likes to tussle, too.


Our secret to growing up big and strong – power naps!