Serena leaps into action

Jul 17, 2008


My sister Serena has long legs, and she is starting to use them.


She can already reach the table-top. Whoops! What have we here? Blackie the cat. Serena wants to climb on the table, too. Why can a black cat go up there and a black dog can’t? Not fair!


She knows how to use her paws, too. Ouch! I’m gonna get you back for that!


Oh no! Serena took my stick. Hey! Give me back my stick!


Now Serena has the water bowl. Hey Serena, bring it back!


Uh oh, she’s found the trumpet vines!


Leaping Serena. She loves to eat trumpet vine flowers for a snack.

DSCF2694_Serena vine


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  1. Hammock Hanger
    June 23rd, 2009 at 1:04 pm #

    these are really adorable pictures. Looks like Serena is very active.

    Both are beautiful dogs.

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