Woohoo! Walkin' in Maine!

Jul 6, 2009


Mama Bear and Papa Bear took us to Maine for the Fourth of July weekend.


We get to run without leashes on long dirt roads, smell the bear and moose,
and splash through puddles.


You can always find a prize to carry home.


Here is a stream along the Sandy River. Perfect to explore!


This is where Reeds Mill Road went across Conant Stream.
There was a bridge here, but not any more.

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  1. Hammock Hanger
    July 10th, 2009 at 2:52 pm #

    Well Rocky, so good to hear from you. I was wondering where you had wandered off to. Maine, nice place. Looks like you are really enjoying the streams. Don’t tell anyone but I was a big fan of the Maine streams myself. On a hot day I just couldn’t keep myself out of them, clothes and all.

    Glad you, your sister and the folks are having a nice time.


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