Serena and I are “doodles,” part retriever and part poodle. We came from Isle of Coles near Portland, Maine. Elizabeth has a network of families who raise puppies in homes.


Serena grew up nearby, but I came from Missouri with Vesta, a lady who is part of that network. Vesta brought me and three other puppies to Elizabeth.


Mama Bear and Papa Bear thought they were going to choose just one puppy, Serena. Surprise! I decided to go along, too.


Serena’s father is a chocolate poodle and the mother is a labrador retriever.   So she is a “labradoodle.”  She has brownish hair around the snout.  Otherwise, she is all black.  She weighs about 50 pounds.


My name is Little Rocky because my father’s name is Rocky.  He is a labradoodle who came from a blond labrador retriever and a mini poodle.


My mother is a golden doodle, who came from a golden retriever and a poodle.  That makes me a double-doodle.  I weigh 29 pounds, about 10 pounds more than my father.


~ Your friend, Little Rocky


P.S. Do you know about the cartoon show, Rocky and Bullwinkle?  My father was named after Rocky, the flying squirrel.





(Editor’s note:  Rocky just registered his site.  He’s busy napping right now, so he hasn’t added very much new yet.)