This is my new home. Let me show you around, and you will see all the hard work that a little dog must do. During this time I’m getting my new people family ready for Serena’s arrival. It’s enough to exhaust my patience!


Here’s my big brother James. He was a kid not long ago, so he understands me better than other big folks.


Oh no! I have to go to the Vet! She’s very nice, but she gave me bad news. I cannot play with other dogs for a month in case of dog diseases that young puppy dogs can catch.


So Papa Bear put me in a fruit basket to go on walks. There is a 2.5-pound weight at the bottom of the basket to keep me from tipping it over.


Here we are starting on a walk. Sometimes we go walking with other people. When they get in front of me and spoil the view, I bark at them. Get out of the way!


Now the weather is getting hot, and I take losts of naps to get recharged.


It got so hot that we drove to Lowe’s and bought an air conditioner!


Now this is the worst! A dog should be able to play in the dirt and make a mess, not take a bath and get brushed. How embarrassing!


You know, I have ways of getting even. Don’t test my patience!


Okay, so the big bears have been married for 35 years. Now get back to work and fix up my dog pen!


That’s better. You work while I take a nap.


Mama Bear teaches a 2nd Grade class at school every day. Everybody likes to hug me and I kiss them back.

Finding a home

Jun 1, 2008


Mama Bear went to choose a new puppy, a labradoodle. She named her “Serena.” Mama once had a dog named “Stella” and she still misses her, so Papa gave Serena to her.


This is where I came into the story. My Dad “Rocky” brought me out to visit Papa Bear. I played with my ball. I played hide-and-seek behind a tree and under a chair. I decided to go home with Papa Bear. He didn’t know what to do, but I had a plan. I got Mama Bear to give me to Papa Bear.


Surprise! Surprise! We’re going to be double trouble!


They named me “Little Rocky” after my Dad. I weighed only 4 pounds. It was a very busy day and I got tuckered. After a nap, I went home right away with Papa Bear. Serena stayed with the other puppies until she grew old enough to come home. She is younger than me and I will never let her forget it!